Quarantine and time, a perfect combination to get into boredom

di Lorenzo Pollastrini

   With the oncoming of the covid-19 virus and the beginning of the pandemic, we had to give up our ordinary lives and embrace a more discreet routine, often very dull and plain. We lost the conception of time, mixing up different days, not being able to make out in which one we did something in particular, because of the fact that all our actions seem exactly the same, repeated over and over with, apparently, no end.

   We have found ourselves in a quite scary scenario, just in a few weeks. We thought that something that broke out in China, a far-off country, could not reach us, but it managed to cover that distance very quickly. The stories that we used to read or watch on tv, narrated to us by different dystopian authors now happen to be true. But we don’t have to panic, everything will eventually work out sooner or later. We have to stay positive, no matter the situation.

   With this being said, I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that most of us take lots of ideas or our routines for granted. We believe that everything will stay the same, and we’ll always live the same ordinary things and events that used to happen when we were really free. We started losing the value of the things we took for granted, we lived not appreciating as we should what we have in our lives: relationships, places we can go, the freedom to travel, the freedom to stay with other people and so on. Now, that we have lost many aspects of our daily life: the freedom to travel, meeting other people, living together sharing spaces with others, seeing your loved ones, your relatives, the people you love, being afraid of going out, or hugging your grandparents or relatives.

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